Student public relations campaigns

Husky Agency Campaign, postcard design by Johnnathan Son in red, with fall campus design by Rebecca Gruber, Fall 2017.

Campaign Collateral

This is a sampling of student public relations and strategic communications campaigns of students at Husky Agency, St. Cloud State University, 2016-2019. Proposals were first presented to clients before carrying out plans. Completed campaign collateral and cases studies were present to clients for use and publications. 

Please note: Campaigns are not mockups, but actual campaigns for real clients of Husky Agency.
– Jannet Walsh

St. Cloud Area Business Show Case, 2019

Download St. Cloud Area Business Showcase Case Study as PDF

Central Minnesota Farm Show 2019

View Central Minnesota Farm Show 2019 Campaign presentation

Presentation, download as PDF

View Farm Show 2019 case study by Shirazi Sodid

Central Minnesota Farm Show 2019 Case study, download as PDF

Central Minnesota Farm Show 2019 campaign proposal, download as PDF

Central Minnesota Farm Show 2019 press release, download as PDF

Fact Sheet and Media Kit, download as PDF

Social Media Calendar, download as PDF

Media Pitches, download as PDF

Central Minnesota Farm Show 2019 Website Critique, download as PDF

Designs for program covers and posters by Husky Agency students, fall 2018, for the Central Minnesota Farm Show 2019, hosted by St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce. See more details about this campaign on Student Campaign page.

View video at YouTube

More details are available about this video at the Student Video page, Central Minnesota Farm Show 2019 video.

Public Service Announcements, PSA – Please visit the Student PSA page, or Husky Agency SoundCloud page.

Visit Husky Agency SoundCloud page

St. Cloud State University College of Liberal Arts, 2016-2017

View St. Cloud State University College of Liberal Arts Campaign, fall 2016 and spring 2017

About – Students worked on two campaigns: Husky Agency campaign to promote and launch student public relations agency, 2016- 2017, along with the St. Cloud State University College of Liberal Arts campaign.

View SCSU Liberal Arts Experience, fall 2016 as a PDF

Campaign, download as PDF

Presentation, fall 2016, download as PDF

Media Kit

Husky Agency Fact Sheet

Graphic Design
View Inaugural Husky Agency campaigns, fall 2016

Blog Posts
St. Cloud Mayor David Kleis, Liberal Arts Education, St. Cloud State University
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Explore a Liberal Arts Education at St. Cloud State University

Husky Agency reflections, fall 2016

Press Release
SCSU public relations students launch Husky Agency with survey on liberal arts
View as PDF

Media interviews, shared social media
Husky Agency debuts, October 13, 2016, St. Cloud State Today
View as PDF

Husky Agency radio interview by Abigail Rist

Instagram repost by iOgrapher

View Husky Agency’s shared post by iOgrapher Instagram

Husky Agency Introduction

View at YouTube

The College of Liberal Arts at St. Cloud State University

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