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Introduction to multimedia – SCSU student Alisa Washington, left, learns basics of being in front of the camera with her classmates in an introduction to multimedia course taught by Jannet Walsh, Fall 2016, St. Cloud State University. Photo by Jannet Walsh.

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Please view topics below of my students at St. Cloud State University, SCSU, 2015-2019, where I worked as assistant professor and adjunct professor.

Please take a look below at featured student successes!

Jannet Walsh

Jannet taught me a lot of multimedia tools while taking her class at St. Cloud State University. One of the tools she taught me, that has advanced me in my career, is WordPress. Three years later, I am still using WordPress and designing websites for law firms at Thomson Reuters. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t have the job that I have today! She is passionate about teaching and takes time out of her day to make sure you succeeded! Thanks Jannet!

Tanner Hansen, UI Designer at Thomson Reuters
Source: LinkedIn

Global student success stories

Careers – My students become successful digital advertising analysts in Chicago, editors and reporters in Minnesota, communication and workforce coordinators in St. Cloud, Minn., public relations associates in Malaysia, web designers in Minneapolis, teachers of English (TEFL) and freelance writers in Thailand, marketing specialists Minnesota, marketing managers in the Netherlands, and more.

Graduate school – Some of my students have gone to graduate programs in strategic communications, human management, marketing, applied behavior analysis, organizational leadership, public administration, and other programs.

St. Cloud State University Graduation for Husky Agency – Mariah Friederichs, Jannet Walsh and Johnnathan Son at the Fall 2017 graduation at Halenbeck Hall, St. Cloud State University, Dec. 15, 2017. Mariah and Johnnathan were members of Husky Agency, a pro bono agency for strategic communications students at SCSU.

Here are a few highlights from my students, but there are more not listed below:

  • Deonna Brinkman, SCSU BS ’18, Digital Media Manager, Graphic Designer at Bullseye Media, LinkedIn, website
  • Taylor Crosby, SCSU BS ’18, University of Pittsburgh graduate candidate in applied behavior analysis, LinkedIn, website
  • Mariah Friederichs, Brunel University London MS Marketing ’19, SCSU BS ’17, Marketing Specialist and Entrepreneur, LinkedIn, website
  • Rebecca Gruber, SCSU BS ’17, Marketing Manager at Dutchpro USA Nutrients, LinkedIn
  • Tanner Hansen, SCSU BS ’18, User Interface Designer at Thomas Reuters, LinkedIn, website
  • Rachel Knutson, SCSU BS ’17, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Coordinator, Advertising Specialist and Advertising Analyst, LinkedIn, website
  • Taylor Koepke, SCSU BS ’18, Marketing Intelligence Associate at AbelsonTaylor, LinkedIn
  • Janice Loh, SCSU BS ’19, Public Relations Associate at ROOTS PR, LinkedIn, website
  • Kelti Lorence, SCSU BS ’18, Communications and Workforce Development Coordinator at St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce, LinkedIn, website
  • Rose Mikhail, SCSU BS ’18, TEFL Certified English Teacher in Thailand and freelance writer, LinkedIn, website
  • Sarv Mithaqiyan, SCSU MS ’19, University of California, Davis, BS ’17, Community Editor and Reporter of the County News Review at Adams Publishing Group, LinkedIn
  • Johnnathan Son, SCSU BS ’17, Senior Specialist Guest Retail at Target, LinkedIn
  • Rhiannon Steiger, Rasmussen Collage MS ’18, SCSU BS ’17, Admission Manager at Rasmussen College, LinkedIn
  • Paisley Reynolds, SCSU BS ’19, Marketing Operations Specialist at CT Holdings, LinkedIn, website
  • Francesca Walker-Rozo, SCSU BS ’19, St. Ambrose University graduate candidate in organizational leadership, LinkedIn
  • Jonathan Wong, SCSU MPA ’20 and BS ’16, State of Minnesota Department of Human Rights – Regional Communications Specialist, LinkedIn

“Aside from Jannet’s positive attitude in the classroom, she has impacted my desire to pursue public relations after graduation.”

Taylor Crosby, SCSU BS ’18, Student Athlete
Source, YouTube, video starting at 3:35 minutes

 SCSU Volleyball Staff Appreciation – Jannet Walsh, right, honored guest of SCSU student Rebecca L. Gruber, captain of the SCSU Volleyball team, at the staff appreciation night, Halenbeck Hall, October 20, 2017.