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Husky Agency
Strategic Communications, experiential learning

The agency and online platform launched during Fall Semester 2016, founded by Assistant Professor Jannet Walsh at St. Cloud State University, is located online at

Logo design by Husky Agency Deputy Campaign Manager
Ryan Evans, Fall 2017.

The pro bono student agency  works with campus and community clients and partners to gain public relations experience, create professional portfolios and develop skills and confidence. View some of the clients and partners at Husky Agency website.

Husky Agency is focused on professional development and helping differentiate student portfolios from other job candidates when pursuing internships and employment.  All students submit a resume and letter of application for agency positions, adding yet another level to their career preparation.

Our Mission
To be a leading student-run public relations agency focused on providing students with an opportunity to gain and develop professional public relations experience and skills while helping others build relationships and reputations at St. Cloud State University and beyond, using media relations, social media engagement and strategic communication tools.


Video published by Husky Agency students on YouTube November 2017.

“My skillset in InDesign has exceeded even more than just having a class that taught about the program. I got to actually apply what I learned in class to help with a public relations campaign. So, in the end I think that this was a great experience. You learn the positive and negatives about creating a public relations campaign and that at times things don’t go exactly how you want. But, that’s when you learn to brain storm and find new alternatives, which is very important to understand. I can’t wait to take what I learned from this class into the real world.”