Student Photojournalism Portfolio

SCSU Photojournalism Team Culture: (Left to right) Ryan Schaal, Markus Linz, Rose Mikhail, Janice Loh and Brendan Janostin. Fall 2018

Team projects

Fall 2018

Individual student photojournalism portfolios
Fall 2018

President Dr. Robbyn R. Wacker is welcomed by her chosen people on stage in St. Cloud, Minn., Monday, Oct. 15, 2018. (Photo/Janine Alder)

Markus Linz

Calvin Barker

Tyler Gastecki

Evan Michaelson

Albert Rysavy

Student photo gallery – View a selection of images from fall 2018 photojournalism students at St. Cloud St. University. View their entire photojournalism project of the Sesquicentennial of St. Cloud State University.

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