Student Multimedia Portfolios

SCSU Photojournalism student Ryan Schaal photographs faculty members before the Inauguration of Dr. Robbyn Wacker, October 8, 2018, at St. Cloud State University. Photo by Jannet Walsh.

Multimedia student portfolios

I taught COMM 240, Introduction to Multimedia, a total of 14 courses, 2015-2018, along with MCOM 2017 Introduction to Mass Media Technology, spring 2019, at St. Cloud State University. These courses provided an introduction to web design, WordPress, video shooting and editing, introduction to Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition, and numerous multimedia tools.

View samples of student work on this page from my multimedia courses. I also have more student galleries at my teaching website Multimedia Toolkit.


Jannet Walsh

Website front pages
Adobe Dreamweaver

View student website front pages created with Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML/CSS

Student websites designed with HTML/CSS using Adobe Dreamweaver

WordPress websites

This is just a selection of student WordPress website from SCSU, 2015-2019.

I have helped approximately 550 students at SCSU build online portfolio websites with WordPress content management system at SCSU, 2015-2019. This includes students in her multimedia, public relations, strategic communications, photojournalism, independent study courses, and academic mentoring. 

View more WordPress website at student gallery, Multimedia Toolkit.

Nakiya Austin-Stone

Chloe Dousette

Ashlee Forslund

Andrea Gerrard

Rachel Herzog

HeeSoo Kim

Nick Matuska

Spencer Rojas

Bodin Semrau

Kua Xiong

Allyson Werner

Matthew Auvil

Emily Berg

Jessica Charpentier

Sam Goetzinger

Bella Kraft

Noah Kuschel

Steven Schroeder

Taylor Wemple

Sydney Wolf


More videos available at Student Gallery, Multimedia Toolkit

Student videos edited with Adobe Premiere Pro, posted to YouTube, and WordPress websites.

Yvonne Mbariket, view at website

Megen Eden
Jenna LeMair

Ubah Ali, view website

Katie Emmer, website

Taylor Crosby, view at website

Ashlee Forslund, view at website

HeeSoo Kim, view at website

Brent Mensing, view website

Ali Grillo, view website

Jack Johnson, view at website

Allyson Werner, view at website

Matthew Auvil, view at website

Sarah Bunich, view at website

Bella Kraft, view at website

Noah Kuschel, view at website

Steven Schroeder, view at website

Matthew Tappe, view at website

Ariel Dunbar, view at website