Irish Family History Detective, Dublin Diaries, July 23, 2022

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Jannet L. Walsh
July 23, 2022
Dublin Township, Swift County
Murdock, Minnesota

I’ve just released another video for the Dublin Diaries series, July 23, 2022. This is a short one minute video to welcome you to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. If you have already subscribed, thank you! I included photos in the video of the rural farm near Killarney where my family lived dating back to about 1820, or earlier.

A view of making of Dublin Diaries.

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Irish Family History Detective
In this video you will hear references to Irish Family History Detective. Working on genealogy you become a detective trying to put together lost years of family history with little to no details. When I was working in rural County Kerry near Killarney driving back country roads on the left side of the road to find the farm my people were associated with, I was a detective. Drivers in Ireland travel down the road on the left side, while the driver is seated on the right front seat. I was doing the work of a detective for years before I arrived in Ireland splicing together about 200 years of forgotten history the best way possible. If you are working on a family history, you are a genealogy detective also.

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Green light, green dog bed – Hans the dachshund with red long hair does not seem to mind a video recording session is underway.

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