Logo Designs

Husky Agency Campaign, postcard design by Johnnathan Son in red, with fall campus design by Rebecca Gruber, Fall 2017.

Logo Designs

Strategic Communications

This is a sampling of individual student logo designs from public relations and strategic communications students at Husky Agency, St. Cloud State University, 2016-2019. All logos were designed with Adobe Creative Suite applications.  – Jannet Walsh

Wildwood Assisted Living

Wildwood Assisted Living – Husky Agency students created logos for their client Wildwood Assisted Living, Sauk Rapids, Minn., in spring 2017. Logos designs by Deonna Brinkman and Carrie Vang were selected for use by client. Logo designs were just one many tactics carried out by Husky Agency, part of a complete strategic communications plan. View related video at YouTube or at the Wildwood Assisted Living website using Deonna Brinkman’s logo design.

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St. Cloud Area Business Showcase

St. Cloud Area Business Showcase 2019 – Husky Agency student Autmn Albers created a logo for the St. Cloud Area Business Showcase 2019, hosted by client St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce, spring 2019. The logo was not adopted for use by client, but became part of Autmn’s portfolio.

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Husky Agency

Husky Agency logo, fall 2017 – Husky Agency students Deonna Brinkman and Ryan Evans submitted logo designs for Husky Agency, fall 2017. The staff of Husky Agency selected the design by Ryan Evans, graduate student. He created variations of the logo, along with versions for social media.

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