Jannet Walsh with her Nikon Z7 camera, Murdock, Minnesota. Photo by Jannet Walsh. Copyright ©2021 Jannet Walsh. All Rights Reserved.

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Fellowships, honors and enrichment
Social Media related teaching

  • Perpetual learning – Applications, gear and more at the Technologies Page
  • Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge and Teacher-Entrepreneur Accelerator – Participated in an online Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge, July 2020, for starting an online business to teach English as a second language. Developed business plan, marketing strategies and tactics. Learned skills for building social community online with social media, including LinkedIn, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Facebook and Facebook groups, and other platforms.  Participation in the Teacher-Entrepreneur Accelerator is ongoing.
  • Global Facebook for teachers, teaching English as a second language – I created a private Facebook group for participants of the July 2020 Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge, to continue collaborating on ideas of technology, teaching, strategies and tactics on social media, resources, and most importantly, building a community to encouragement professional development during the pandemic. This group is still active as of January 2021, with 51 members located around the world.
  • Social media and social media strategy in classroom, St. Cloud State University
    Social media platforms – Students in Husky Agency, public relations and strategic communications, along with Husky Media, photojournalism students, used dedicated social media social media accounts, along with their personal accounts, to develop content, social media calendars, and learn basics of native analytics.
    Social media strategy plansHusky Agency students developed complete social media strategy plans, along with creating multimedia projects for clients.
  • California Academy of Sciences – The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, Calif., published a video July 9, 2018, including video footage by Jannet shot for an iPhone video project in 2016, “Isle Royale National Park – Wilderness Island.” It featured scenes of moose walking in a river and other scenic video from Isle Royale National Park. Produced by the California Academy of Sciences for Chicago Public Schools “A Royale Mystery” introduces the students to fluctuations in moose and wolf populations on the island in the past 30-40 years. View video at California Academy of Sciences website.
  • iPhone video official selection, Smartphone 2016 Festival, Barcelona, Spain – An iPhone video project “Isle Royale National Park – Wilderness Island” was also was accepted Oct. 15, 2016, into the official selection of Cinephone International Smartphone 2016 Festival, Barcelona, Spain. View the original blog post, Multimediatoolkit, or at FilmFreeway. Video can be view at YouTube.
  • Creating Your Social Media Strategy (April 2016), online social media course with Joy Mayer, Poynter News University, April 4 – 19, 2016
  • The Cutting Edgevideo editing workshop with Adam Epstein, Minneapolis, July 31, 2014
  • Poynter Institute for Media Studies: “A New Curriculum for a New Journalism,” 2013, scholarship recipient
  • CNN iReporter, Citizen journalism, videos and photographs have appeared on CNN, CNN iReport, HLN, HLN – Clark Howard Show, HLN Morning Express, both as a guest and iReporter, and CNN Radio. Quoted in national and international stories as an iReporter and citizen journalist, October 2010 to August 2015.
  • Recipient of CNN iReport Spirit Award – At least 57 iReports, videos and photos,  approved for use on CNN, with featured stories on home page of Recipient of CNN iReport Spirit Award, 2013.
  • CNN World Headquarters, Atlanta, Ga.: “CNN iReport Weekend and Awards,” 2012, invited participant, and featured on a CNN promotion and video, “America’s Choice promo with iReporters,” Jan. 4, 2012.
  • Poynter Institute for Media Studies: “Critical Tools for Non-Traditional Journalist,” 2010, fellow
  • Poynter Institute for Media Studies: “Journalism That Matters Workshop,” 2009, fellow
Jannet Walsh, CNN iReport Spirit Award, 2013

Jannet Walsh’s Facebook profile, @jannetwalshmedia, as a photographer, visual journalist, artist, strategic communications professional, and educator.

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Instagram – The Art Institute of Chicago reposted one of Jannet Walsh’s sketches in 2015 of artist Edgar Degas’ painting of a fallen jockey. View repost of sketch and related blog at Multimedia Toolkit website. Follow Instagram posts of Jannet Walsh.

View video at Instagram TV, IGTV, from the December 23, 2020 blizzard.


Jannet Walsh’s videos on her YouTube channel cover topics of video tutorials for Adobe applications, along with travel, nature and more. She also has video at Vimeo.

“Irish Jaunting Tour” by @JannetWalsh at

Jannet Walsh currently has three websites created with WordPress, an open source software and Content Management System, CMS. More than a third of the web is using WordPress, according to W3Techs in the world, January 2021.

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