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Griffith’s Valuation and Cancelled Books, find where your ancestors lived in Ireland

Jannet L. Walsh, of Murdock, Minnesota, poses in front of Crosstown Cottage, near Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland, June 1, 2018, before heading to the railway station in Killarney. Walsh spent most of May 2018 living in the historic cottage researching and writing about her family’s Irish roots, connecting with local Irish culture and people. Photo by Olive Horgan.

Video, Irish Genealogy Toolkit – A quick hello from Jannet L. Walsh

Ireland – Download Map of Ireland as PDF from Irelandcom. More free publications and maps are available at Ireland’s official tourism website.

Greetings and welcome to Irish Genealogy Tool!

About – I’m happy to share with you resources I used to collect details about my family’s Irish roots in the United States, Canada, and Ireland. Many of the resources can be used if you are seeking Irish roots, or other ethnic backgrounds.

Getting started – I’m starting with a guide I wrote originally as a blog, later published at IrishCentral, 2021, and will be sharing more resources.

What’s included – You will find official websites from the government of Ireland, archives in United States, and numerous resources I used, or found of interest during my family history search.

Paid and other resources – I’ve included Ancestry and other helpful genealogy search sites requiring membership fees. You might check with your local libraries, historical societies and museums offering free access in your local area.

You will find numerous non-subscription databases below, including 1940 US Census, Ellis Island, Passenger lists, and more from the National Archives, Washington, DC.

I’ve included links below for state archives, and other agencies below that might be offering free access to paid resources. You might already have access in your city, county or state as part of public services and resources.

Genealogy resources are grouped in four main areas:

  • Getting started with genealogy
  • Genealogy guides
  • Tools for genealogists
  • Travel to Ireland

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Wishing you best of luck in your detective work to tell your family’s story.

Best wishes, Jannet L. Walsh

Getting started with genealogy

Video – Watch informative video about Irish genealogy and documents from professional genealogist Nicola Morris at the National Archives, Dublin, Ireland.

National Archives of Ireland – Learn about genealogy and a pointers at the National Archives of Ireland.

Read first – Getting started

  • General overview of searching for Irish family history and genealogy – If you have no background in searching for family history, or need a few pointers, start with Getting started with genealogy first.

Read second – Using Irish genealogy records

  • General overview for searching Irish church and civil records from Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Ireland, official Irish website. As of March 1, 2022, more historic births, marriages and deaths were added to the collection by the General Register Office, Ireland. There is no cost to use website resources. Read more on the additional records at

Family trees, charts, National Archives

Research topics, listings

Ethnic groups, National Archives

Additional archive resources

Census, Immigration and Naturalization Records

Minnesota related resources

Download at source FamilySearch

Irish archives, libraries, museums, newspapers and more

Ireland Reaching Out (Ireland XO) is a volunteer-based, non-profit initiative which builds vibrant, lasting links between the global Irish Diaspora and parishes of origin in Ireland. Learn more at Ireland Reaching Out.

Religious documents, organizations, Ireland

Historical publications, graves and more

A Primer in Irish Genealogy by Sean J. Murphy, is available for download as a PDF . Additional publications can be downloaded.

Historical Irish publications on family history

Find graves, cemeteries in Ireland

Irish family names

Irish Surnames – Learn about Irish last names from the Irish YouTube channel for
Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media

Townlands in Ireland

Townland is the smallest territorial division of civil administration in Ireland.

Genealogy guides

National Archives resources

US Military Records

Find a grave, cemetery, obituaries, vital records

Tools for genealogists

Finding adoption and orphanage records

Homestead documents, land records

Newspaper archives, online genealogy search sites

Professional genealogists, resources, code of ethics

Travel to Ireland

* Items with marking of ” * “indicate most valuable resources I used to uncover family documents and history. – Jannet L. Walsh

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