Research and Creative Statement

Remote, rugged Ireland – Left is view from the Gap of Dunloe, near Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland, January 2019, and a pony outside an old stone barn. Photos by Jannet Walsh. Copyright ©2021 Jannet Walsh. All Rights Reserved.

Research and Creative

Short version

Jannet Walsh

  • My research, along with creative work, focuses on communicating ideas through multimedia and storytelling. This work lies at the intersection of disciplines, especially responsible and accurate nonfiction writing, visual journalism, and strategic communications. 
  • Creatively, I am in interested in developing multimedia communication systems to create new and meaningful work, stimulating ways for online narratives.
  • The desired goal of this research to bring about methods and tools for education and multimedia workflows for strategic communication, and new models for multimedia sharing online. 
  • This work encompasses writing, photographs, video, audio, graphics, animation, websites, and social media, all vital for storytelling with multimedia, with potential online, print publication or other creative outlets. 
  • My work embraces emerging technology, solidly rooted in nonfiction storytelling.
  • Multimedia is becoming a more prominent and prevalent tool to tell the story, as is measuring, evaluating and analyzing outcomes. This, then, is the essence of my research and creative work.
Jannet Walsh, driving in the Gap of Dunloe, January 2019.
Home to Knockanarroor, Ireland Project, 2011