Jannet Walsh

Updated January 2019

Jannet Walsh

Multimedia Journalist, Educator and Communications Professional
Jannet Walsh, former Community Relations/Communication Manager at Workforce Connection, explains in the video about an emergency event to help hundreds of former Taylor, Bean and Whitaker employees with unemployment compensation and online job searching in Ocala, Fla, Aug. 7, 2009. Jannet was on the Workforce Connection staff that received the Great Communicator Award for an Institution from the Ocala, Fla., Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Society, 2010, related to helping displaced workers from Taylor, Bean and Whitaker, approximately 1,000 workers in Ocala. View video by Doug Engle, Ocala.com, at YouTube.

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Summary of Skills

Multimedia, Journalism

  • Multimedia journalism - Audio, video, graphics, digital still photography, citizen journalism and blogging

  • Video shooting, editing and producing: Deadline video shooting, editing and producing

  • Instructional video tutorials

  • Web design and development: WordPress, HTML and CSS, Bootstrap

  • Studio and location lighting: Video and still photography

  • Multimedia Teaching: Online, workshops and university

  • Mobile video: iPhone, iPad, mobile video shooting, editing and producing

  • Skype recording: Audio, video and on air

  • Writing: News, video and photo captions, features, travel, religious topics, career, blogging, social media and more

Strategic Communications

  • Assistant Professor, Strategic Communications and Multimeida: Created Husky Agency for aspiring public relations students at St. Cloud State University, 2016 to present.

  • Strategic Communications: Public relations, media relations and social media

  • Graphic design: Advertisements, promotions, educational training, newsletters and more

  • On-air media spokesperson: Radio and television

  • Writing: Press releases, brochures, radio public service announcements and promotions

  • Website: HTML and CSS web updating and redesign management

  • Media buyer: Radio, television, print, online and outdoor

  • Columnist: Career, business and technology topics

  • Print design: Newsletter, poster, print advertisement and billboard/outdoor

  • Multimedia: Video shooting, editing and producing; digital still photography and audio recording

Portfolio Selections

Ads, Billboards, Brochures, Posters

Promotional Documents

Healthcare Briefings Ad, February 2010

Florida Job Fair, February 2010

Economic Summit, May 2010

Green Jobs Billboard Version One, July 2010

Green Jobs Billboard Version Two, July 2010

Graphics for book promotion, "Mary Margaret Manatee"

Veterans Services Poster

Veterans Job Brochure

BP Oil Spill Responders Flyer

Green Jobs Employer Recruiting Brochure

Photo Attribution

WordPress Quick Start Guide

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Visual Journalism

View entire Visual Journalism Portfolio

“Muslims in Marion” multimedia project by Jannet Walsh, Ocala.com, was nominated for the Chairman’s Award (Chairman of The New York Times Company) October 2006, New York Times Regional Media Group. View Project at Jannet Walsh Portfolio.
View original project at Ocala.com. The story was written by Rick Cundiff. Below: Jannet, is wearing a hijab, or head covering, pinned and fashioned at the Islamic Center of Ocala, Ocala, Fla., worn only when photographing in the prayer rooms at the mosque.

View “Muslims in Marion” multimedia project by Jannet Walsh

View "The Saint in the Family" by Jannet Walsh at The Florida Catholic, thefloridacatholic.org

“The saint in the family”

“The saint in the family” by Jannet Walsh, The Florida Catholic, 2008
View multimedia project at thefloridacatholic.org

Read story written by Jannet Walsh for The Florida Catholic,
Download story as a PDF

Media Interviews about Jannet Walsh

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Florida Workforce Newsletter, Spring 2010

Stimulus Update Newsletter, October 2009

Stimulus Update - Summer Youth Program, August 2009

Stimulus Update Newsletter, July 2009

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"Florida Back to Work"

Florida Back to Work - Formerly homeless worker tells his story about finding employment.
Listen at about 2:50 in video.

"West Ocala Green Jobs"

"Summer Youth - Workforce Connection"

"Joel Makower, Green Business Summit"

“Green Jobs - Organic Farming”

Online Teaching

View all video tutorials

Udemy.com - Video Promo Essentials - Video Tutorials - Shoot, edit and share video online. (Currently not available online, January 2019.)

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorials - Video Tutorials - Basic video editing, video tutorials

Create Website - Video Tutorials - Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and more

  • ScreenFlow: I use ScreenFlow for creating video tutorials or screencasts with a MacBook Pro Retina and Rode NT-USB Microphone.

  • Presentations

    Communication and Marketing Plans

    American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Marketing Plan

    Social Service Agency Informational Presentation

    Community Owned Grocery Marketing Plan

    Rural Informational Technology Alliance Communication Plan

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    Multimedia Toolkit - Jannet Walsh JannetWalsh.com - Portfolio website

    Visit Jannet Walsh's Multimedia Toolkit Website! Multimediatoolkit.me – Multimedia education and teaching site


    Education - Multimedia

    The Multimedia Toolkit site is used for teaching multimedia skills and more. Required course assignments, latest journal posts, tutorials for web design and video, and more can be found at this educational website.

    Career and business column

    Workforce Connection Career and business column

    Published bimonthly in the Citrus County Chronicle

    Press Releases

    Jannet Walsh Press Release Video Promo, October 2013

    Press Release, Unemployment Rate, February 2010

    Press Release, Job Fair, February 2010

    Press Release, Unemployment Rate, January 2010

    Press Release, Florida Back to Work, January 2010

    Press Release, Unemployment Rate, June 2010

    Press Release, Pathways Out of Poverty Grant, January 2010

    Press Release, Job Fair, October 2009


    Contributor at Clarkhoward.com, technology topics


    "Irish Jaunting Tour," story and video by Jannet Walsh, 2014, vetted video for CNN

    "Home to Knockanarroor," story and video, Ireland, 2011, vetted video for CNN

    "Seeing red - Ups and downs of life as a redhead," Ocala.com, download as a document

    Little Mexico Catholic Community, Ocala, Fla., The Florida Catholic

    "Pilgrims to the Caribbean," Dominican Republic, for National Catholic Reporter, and related photo for
    The Florida Catholic

    "Saint in the Family," written by Jannet Walsh for The Florida Catholic,
    download document