Walsh family pew at Sacred Heart

The historical family pew was talked about today after Mass.

I heard that my family had been assigned a specific row or pew sometime in the early 1900s by the late pastor Rev. Walsh, no family relation, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Murdock, but today the topic came up again.

Below is a photo of my late grandparents Jannet “Jennie” Walsh and Martin J. Walsh Sr. in Murdock, Minnesota, 1950s.

Of course, the assigned seating is no longer being used, but I want to find the row that my family worshiped in through the years. What were their thoughts, prayers and sufferings brought to the pew to pray about? What was the outcome? Maybe they prayed for a red-headed grandchildren or the end to world wars.

The assigned pew, according to a few parish members was located in the fifth row on the left side from the altar. My late father, Martin J. Walsh Jr., was known to look back and smile at the other children. If you know of the exact location, just let me know.

I remember as a child visiting the church sitting on the left side, somewhere near the front. Maybe the family out of habit was sitting in their assigned seats, like horses returning to their stalls in a barn as it it is comfortable.

It might be fun to sit where my grandparents and possibly my great-grandparents attended church. I will not be kicking anyone out the pew if someone is already there.

One of stained glass windows at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Murdock depicts St. Patrick driving out the snakes from Ireland.

There are many more stories to come about my family with roots deep and long in Murdock. My great-grandparents were pioneers in the area, specifically Dublin Township, before Murdock was incorporated in 1881, located in Swift County. I invite you to follow my blog Minnesota Native Daughter.

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