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Testing Genie with skateboard

[vimeo_video height=”360″ autoplay=”no”]http://vimeo.com/105948745[/vimeo_video]

By Jannet Walsh

This is just a test with the Syrp Genie Motion Control Time Lapse Device and a skateboard to see how it works for linear movement. The skateboard moved about 12 feet and was hitched to two wooden beams in backyard. I used paracord, 3mm, 50 feet long, for the rope.

photo 1

Gear List

  • Syrp Genie Motion Control Time Lapse Device
  • Rope for Genie Skateboard  (I used paracord, 3 mm, and worked great!)
  • Tripod mounting plate (Not needed, but works great.  Could be mounted directly to skateboard.)
  • Bolts and washers for mounting plate to Genie – 3/8 inch bolt and washers, about 6, depending on thickness of skateboard
  • Camera – Any camera you want to use to shoot video or still images
  • Skateboard – I found one at thrift store, or you might already have one you are not using

About the author: Jannet Walsh loves cutting-edge innovation and using new technology to engage people’s attention in today’s social media world. Her videos have aired on CNN, CNN iReport, HLN, and elsewhere. With a background as a New York Times Company staff photographer, you can find her latest multimedia work at JannetWalsh.com.


Seattle Timelapse – iOgrapher

View video at Vimeo

By Jannet Walsh

From Murdock, Minnesota

Oct. 27, 2013 to Nov. 2, 2013


Jannet Walsh with iOgrapher, a tripod mount for the iPad Mini, at Kerry Park in Seattle, Washington.

Jannet Walsh with iOgrapher, a tripod mount for the iPad Mini, at Kerry Park in Seattle, Washington.

My trip to Seattle on the Empire Builder Amtrak train from St. Cloud, Minn., was one of my favorite parts of 2013.

I’ve been several times to Seattle on the train as a child as my late father Martin J. Walsh Jr. worked for the Great Northern and Burlington Northern Railroads.

The trip was dream like in many ways, as I wanted to show in the video, and it was the calm before the “storm” a few weeks before my aunt Margaret  Anne Walsh‘s death, Dec. 4, 2013. I would start to live or stay overnight at the nursing home until her death.

I had been a caregiver for three years, also caring for details for my late mother at the same time.

I really think the trip to Seattle helped get me ready for the personal storm I was about to encounter, the death of another family member.

Video and photos were shot in Seattle, Washington, Oct. 27, 2013 to Nov. 2, 2013.

Some of views in the video include the famous Pike Place Fish Market, the Space Needle, the Seattle Monorail, Puget Sound historic Amtrak King Street Station, street views from shops, such as fashion designer Luly Yang, a ferry ride between Seattle to Bainbridge Island and view from the city.


Evening views of the Space Needle were shot from a neighborhood city park at Kerry Park, 211 West Highland Drive, Seattle, offering a view of Elliott Bay, central city and Mount Rainier. Camera buffs from around the world capture the Space Needle on the 500-foot pedestal and the ferries gliding across the water. The land was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kerry to the city of Seattle in 1927, for all to enjoy the view, according to the sign at the park.

Below is a list of details of gear I used for the video. Everywhere I went in Seattle, I was being asked about my iPad Mini mounted on a tripod with the iOgrapher, special mount for the iPad Mini, almost wish I flyers as I spent a lot of time talking about my photo gear.


Jannet Walsh used the iOgrapher, a tripod mount for the iPad Mini, at Kerry Park in Seattle, Washington.

Gear used for video Seattle Timelapse:

Nikon Coolpix WD110

iPhone 5

iPad Mini

37mm lens iPad Mini used with iOgrapher

iOgrapher, tripod mount for iPad Mini

Timelapse Apps for iPhone and iPad Mini

Tripod, Manfrotto 190CXPro3

Mini tripod, Manfrotto 2009


Micro Ball Head,Manfrotto 492LCD, to mount extra camera on top of iPad Mini iOgrapher

DiffCase for iPhone tripod mount

Video edited

FinalCut Pro X

Music: “Translation”

Royalty Free Music

By Tim McMorris