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Make Pitch Video – Resume Video – Elevator Pitch


By Jannet Walsh

If you are trying to switch things up while searching for a job or new career, try making a video to tell your next employer about your best qualities and why you should get the job.

Above is a video from a course I created that might help you. Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions. View the rest of my course, complete with discount.


View orginal pitch that appeared on the HLN Clark Howard Show.
Good luck with your job search!
Jannet Walsh

Here’s a link to the rest of my course. (With coupon!)

2013 Teaching Stats from Udemy.com

My online course Video Promo Essentials  had 637 students from over 9 countries in 2013!

Learn more about my first online course Video Promo Essentials.

“I had never really considered creating a video resume until I took this course. At first I was a bit hesitant, because I figured it would require purchasing professional grade equipment/software, but the course uses iMovie and demonstrates how to use smart phones, etc. Kudo’s to Jannet.”
–  Dr. Richard Feenstra.[/superquote]

[vimeo_video height=”360″ autoplay=”no”]https://vimeo.com/75697536[/vimeo_video]

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Video Promo Essentials – Shoot, edit and share video online!

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[ult_video width=”600″ height=”400″ ]http://youtu.be/znkm5rSzsUg[/ult_video]

By Jannet Walsh

Video Promo Essentials – Shoot, edit and share video online!

Learn from a professional multimedia journalist how to create a quality promo video with your iPhone, iPad, the camera on your laptop computer or any digital video camera. The course will be hosted online at udemy.com, a website for online learning with experts from around the world teaching about what they know best.

iOgrapher – The new iOgrapher designed by David Basulto for making an iPad Mini a movie rig will be featured, along with a do-it-your-self iPhone tripod mount, and a hardware store lighting kit, all for making a great promo video!


The clover logo was designed by artist Brenda Flynn, an old friend and former colleague.  She is  known for her  logo designs, story illustrations and web graphics.  Brenda is available for design assignments.

The motion graphic intro was done by fellow udemy.com instructor Phil Ebiner and is featured in his course on how to create a video intro at udemy.com!


View at Vimeo

Video Promo Essentials – Shoot, edit and share video online! – by Jannet Walsh from Jannet Walsh on Vimeo.