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2013 Teaching Stats from Udemy.com

My online course Video Promo Essentials  had 637 students from over 9 countries in 2013!

Learn more about my first online course Video Promo Essentials.

“I had never really considered creating a video resume until I took this course. At first I was a bit hesitant, because I figured it would require purchasing professional grade equipment/software, but the course uses iMovie and demonstrates how to use smart phones, etc. Kudo’s to Jannet.”
–  Dr. Richard Feenstra.[/superquote]

[vimeo_video height=”360″ autoplay=”no”]https://vimeo.com/75697536[/vimeo_video]

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Golden Apple Recipient from Udemy.com

Golden Apple Award




Screenshots from udemy.com


Jannet Walsh

I’m happy to announce I have been honored by Udemy.com, an onlne learning website that allows instructors to host courses.  I received a Golden Apple Award as Studio Outstanding Citizen, Sept. 5, 2013.

The announcement was made on a blog for instructors in the Udemy Studio, a Facebook group for instructors from around the world where they can share ideas and receive feed back as they prepare their online courses.

I was honored along with Janice Fraser for course, Startup How To:  7 Steps in Creating a Successful Products, and Philp Ebiner, as instructor of the month.

My course, Video Promo Essentials – Shoot, edit and share video online, is due out this fall.

Course description:  Learn from a professional multimedia journalist how to create a quality promo video with your iPhone, iPad, the camera on your laptop computer or any digital video camera.  The course is currently under construction, with plans to be hosted online at udemy.com,  a website for online learning with experts from around the world teaching about what they know best.  Learn more. . .

Press from Udemy

Udemy company facts from Bloomberg Businessweek

History of Udemy.com 

New York Times story 

BBC:  Has the internet sparked an educational revolution? 


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Teach online – If you are an expert on a  particular subject and would love to join the other pioneers in online teaching, I suggest you take a look at udemy.com.   Learn more if you want to teach online.

Learn online – You can also discover the courses at udemy.com, some are free and others you must pay, and often there are coupons to save money.

Teach and learn online – I have been learning online design and more, while preparing a course!