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Testing Genie with skateboard

[vimeo_video height=”360″ autoplay=”no”]http://vimeo.com/105948745[/vimeo_video]

By Jannet Walsh

This is just a test with the Syrp Genie Motion Control Time Lapse Device and a skateboard to see how it works for linear movement. The skateboard moved about 12 feet and was hitched to two wooden beams in backyard. I used paracord, 3mm, 50 feet long, for the rope.

photo 1

Gear List

  • Syrp Genie Motion Control Time Lapse Device
  • Rope for Genie Skateboard  (I used paracord, 3 mm, and worked great!)
  • Tripod mounting plate (Not needed, but works great.  Could be mounted directly to skateboard.)
  • Bolts and washers for mounting plate to Genie – 3/8 inch bolt and washers, about 6, depending on thickness of skateboard
  • Camera – Any camera you want to use to shoot video or still images
  • Skateboard – I found one at thrift store, or you might already have one you are not using

About the author: Jannet Walsh loves cutting-edge innovation and using new technology to engage people’s attention in today’s social media world. Her videos have aired on CNN, CNN iReport, HLN, and elsewhere. With a background as a New York Times Company staff photographer, you can find her latest multimedia work at JannetWalsh.com.