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By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

If you follow RSS feeds, meaning Really Simple Syndication, a way to follow blogs or websites, you can create a chart of the blog posts. It’s easy to make a chart of recent posts from RSS feeds using BEEDOCS Timelines. Read more. . .

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Yes, you will hear a train in the background as trains pass through Murdock several times a day!
A timeline program from BEEDOCS was used and imported to iMovie. Learn more. . .

Click on photo to view timeline of first six months living in Minnesota.

RSS feed to Front Door View 2011

A Minnesota Native Daughter poster has just been posted to Flickr. Go to Flickr or click here to download, right click to save.

View slideshow.

Native Minnesotan Jannet Walsh is a blogger, columnist, journalist, photojournalist, terrier owner, hula hooper and more! Contact her at Click here to view full biography. View her other blog at
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