Jannet Walsh sketching

Minnesota State Flower timelapse

By Jannet Walsh 
Location:  Rural Minnesota,
Video shot in June 2015
This is a timelapse video of my water color and ink sketches of the Showy Lady’s Slipper, (Cypripedium reginae), the Minnesota State Flower since 1925.  This protected wildflower may not be dug, cut, plucked, pulled or gathered,  resulting in a misdemeanor and fine or imprisonment.
This flower was found near a swamp, with about five flowers in bloom and one or more to open. The other name for this flower is the Moccasin Flower as it is shaped like tiny moccasin slippers.

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Details and gear
Field reference book: “Northland Wildflowers” by John B. and Evelyn W. Moyel
Easel is a mini from Strada
Cameras and other gear:  Nikon D7000, iPhone 6
Edited with FinalCut Pro X
Watercolor and ink sketches by Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota USA
©2015 Jannet Walsh.  All Rights Reserved.
Twitter @jannetwalsh
“Time-lapse Trip-Hop”
Music by QuiqStudio, licensed at audiojungle.net