How does your garden grow?

My grandparents Mary Jannet "Jennie" (Foley) Walsh and Martin J. Walsh Sr. in Murdock, Minnesota, 1950s.

By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

How does your garden grow?

If you are like many in Minnesota, and you trying to figure out if you need to wear a sweater or a swim suit, or maybe both. You might also be trying to plant a garden.

This will be my first attempt at a Minnesota garden since my childhood. I can remember the small vegetable garden my mother Margaret I. Walsh had in Litchfield in the location of my childhood sandbox. My grandmother, the late Mary Jannet “Jennie” (Foley) Walsh of Murdock, was known for her beautiful flowers around the house and the garden. I think there was even a garden club grandmother belonged to in Murdock.

When we visited my grandparents when I was a child, my mother would go out to the garden to pick vegetables that were prepared fresh from the garden. There always seemed to be a cutting of parsley or other odd plants added as garnish, all I really could not understand as a child.

One my fondest memories of my grandmother Jennie would be her garden and how she toured me around to the several varieties of flowers. (I even had child-size garden tool, most likely a gift from grandmother.) I can remember especially the snapdragon flowers. If you pinch them, they look like the head of a dragon! See YouTube videos below I found.

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