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Soup is on!

Dec. 10, 2011
By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

I just made beef barely soup today. The perfect pairing for job searching on a cold winter day.

Oh, by the way, I did I say I am looking for a job? My professional profile is available on Linkedin.

Jannet Walsh – I am looking for employment opportunites in the Willmar, Minnesota area. Please take a look at my professional profile.
Contact: Jannet Walsh at

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Genealogy – Digging roots

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By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

Martin J. Walsh Jr., possible high school or college photo

Searching for your family’s roots takes a lot of digging.

Since moving back home to Minnesota in August 2010, I have started to scratch only the surface of finding branches on my family’s tree. As an undergraduate student at St. Cloud State University, I took a class on family history, and still have my paper I worked on, but have many missing links, but that’s normal for researching, I’m thinking.

With the help of family, friends and colleagues, I’ve been trying to put a few pieces together with the goal of tracking back information and relatives to the “old countries” in Europe, such as Ireland, Scotland, Luxembourg, Germany or other lands.

Network your root search
What’s that? If you fish with a net, you stand a better chance of catching more fish, than with a single fishing pole. You need to tell people you are searching for family connections, information, data, records and photographs. If no one knows you are searching, don’t expect too much success.

Blog your family search

I have found relatives by just posting and writing about my searching for family. It’s free and easy to do. You can write about what you know, stories, photos and connections you want to make. Start a blog today!

What info is there already?
If you have family that have already started their investigations in the past, see if they will share. As a warning, there could be errors in the reporting, so you will need to watch what you think might be the “gospel” about your family. An obituary listed my late Agnes (Walsh) Shopa as Sister Agnes Shopa, meaning a religious order sister or nun, originating from the funeral home when my father Martin J. Walsh died in 2008. My aunt was a sister and religious, but never a member of a religious order. The funeral home sent the obituary to the newspaper with the error, and can be found online. Please correct if you are following my Walsh family history.

Online search
There are many places you can go online to search. Here’s a link that can help you with 101 ways. Read more. . .

Have fun!
Finding facts and connecting with lost relatives, only you are not lost, is part of the fun! As a child I heard my mother talk about various relatives, now these very same people and their children are emailing as a result of my blog, Minnesota Native Daughter.

If you have any additional information to add to this blog post, family information, Murdock related history or if you think you are related to me, contact me at

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