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Video tips – Point and shoot wedding video

By Jannet Walsh

If you think your point and shoot camera isn’t good enough to shoot video at the next wedding you attend, think again!

I had the chance to shoot a video with my Nikon Coolpix AW 110 camera, along with a few shots from my iPhone 5S this past weekend. Take a look a the video below and think of ideas for the next wedding you attend as a guest and want to shoot a video as a wedding gift!


Is that a mustache on your camera? A tiny Nikon Coolpix AW 110 camera with a wind muff or “Dead Cat” to reduce wind noise. Photo by Jannet Walsh, ©2014, All Right Reserved.

[vimeo_video height=”360″ autoplay=”no”][/vimeo_video]

Tips for shooting video at wedding with point and shoot camera


  1.  Bring a tripod to shoot the ceremony and make sure you’re not in the way of the “official” photographers that were hired for the wedding. The tripod will help prevent shaky video.
  2. Think about adding an external microphone for better audio. If you can’t attach a mic to your point and shoot camera, think of adding a wind muff or “Dead Cat” to reduce wind noise if you will be shooting outside. I use one fromWindcutter for my point and shoot, Nikon Coolpix AW 110, and you can also find one for an iPhone and other cameras and devices.
  3. When you can’t use a tripod and are moving around to capture video,  use your camera strap, making sure you put it around your neck. Create tension between your neck and camera with the camera  with camera strap to make the video steady.
  4. Bring extra camera batteries and storage cards. Also think about bringing battery charger for camera just in case.
  5. Download your photos and videos and edit your video.
  6. If the audio isn’t good due to wind or other reasons, think about adding music that is safe and llegal for use when you post your video online. Vimeo, YouTube both have resources for music. I love Audio Jungle where you find great music for your video.
  7. Enjoy the wedding and shoot great video and photos to share with the bride and groom, and especially family that could not attend wedding.

Best wishes!

Jannet Walsh

2010 Top 10 Minnesota Native Daughter Blog Posts

By Jannet Walsh
Murdock, Minnesota

I have put together the 2010 Top 10 Minnesota Native Daughter Blog Posts. The list is based on reader and viewer comments, along with input from the Minnesota Native Daughter staff, that’s me. Read more about the staff. There is nothing scientific about the list, more a review of the blogs in 2010.

A few stats about the blog
September 2010 – 1,294 views
October 2010 – 1,184 views
November 2010 – 1,195 views
December 2010 – 2,553 views
Year total – 6,226 views
(Information from Dec. 30, 2010)

Average views per day – 53

First blog post
September 3, 2010
Murdock, it’s not on the map!

Most viewed blog post in one day
September 9, 2010
Can’t just get along?

2010 Top 10 Minnesota Native Daughters blog posts

(Ten is the lowest rating and one is highest.)

10. Minnesota Native Daughter launched

9. Video with iPhone and tripod

8. Update: Blog brings family and two stained glass windows

7. How to sell house in a bad economy

6. Minnesota Native Daughter Trailer Video

5. Snow Report – Nov. 13, 2010

4. Today marks 88 years in family house

3. Can’t we just get along?

2. Murdock’s native son new Minnesota agriculture commissioner

1. Talked with Garrison Keillor at State Fair via iPhone

I had a chance to talk to Garrison Keillor at the Minnesota State Fair on the radio from my iPhone in Murdock. Listen to the audio link.

I have been a fan of Keillor, the host of “A Prairie Home Companion” for years. (I would love to see a live recording one day!) When I lived in the Netherlands I would listen to my audio tapes my late father Martin J. Walsh Jr. gave me years ago. The audio tapes are complete with fictitious news from Lake Wobegon that is needed by every Minnesotan living abroad or maybe just outside of the state of Minnesota. If you are not familiar with Lake Wobegon, learn more at

After calling the Minnesota Public Radio at the state fair, I was asked my name, where I was calling from and if I had a question. Of course I was ready with a question after just finishing my lunch at home in Murdock.

Here is what I asked: “How should I prepare for my “re-immigration” back to my home state of Minnesota?”

Keillor answered by telling me I should prepare by suffering as the winters will bring great suffering, but really will not have to prepare as I will be suffering anyway in the winter.

I was able squeeze in one more question in reference to bachelor farmers made famous at Lake Wobegon, usually from Norway. I asked if I should be afraid of this sector of the rural population, but Keillor told me not to be as the bachelor farmers will just walk away and I shouldn’t have any trouble.

Now I feel I be able “re-immigrate” back into the culture of rural Minnesota with little difficulty.

Native Minnesotan Jannet Walsh is a blogger, columnist, journalist, photojournalist, terrier owner, hula hooper and more! Contact her at Click here to view full biography. View her other blog at
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