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Shooting video: Travel, business, everyday

Photo by Jannet Walsh, ©2014 Jannet Walsh, All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Jannet Walsh, ©2014 Jannet Walsh, All Rights Reserved.

By Jannet Walsh
Here’s a video I created with a few tips for shooting video you can use for travel, business or everyday. Let me know if you have any questions.

Just click on photo above or video below to start learning! That’s Wee Bobby in the photo.

Best wishes,
Jannet Walsh

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Pope Benedict’s first year of retirement, CNN

One year anniversary of Pope Benedict’s retirement, CNN

I was quoted in a  CNN story from Rome on the one year anniversary of Pope Benedict’s retirement.

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“Jannet Walsh Media Intro” by @jannetwalsh,

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Here is a quick intro video, with a longer video to post shorty for photo, video weddings and portraits. Link to Jannet Walsh Media Link to Social Media

Best wishes, Jannet Walsh

Bridal 2014 Photo and Video Flyer

2013: Rejections to Opportunities


Just a note of thanks to everyone that has helped me in 2013.

May all your rejections be turned into opportunities in 2014!

Best wishes,

Here’s a few of my highlights for 2013:

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Jannet Walsh, of Murdock, Minnesota,  is an award winning photojournalist and photographer with more than 20 years of experience capturing images, both still photographs and video. She is a former employee of The New York Times Company, working at a regional newspaper, Star-Banner, in Ocala, Florida.  Jannet’s work has appeared around the world.  View her photographs in a newspaper in Oslo, Norway.   Read more. . .

Educated – She has a Master of Arts in visual communication from Ohio University, one of the nation’s premier programs for photojournalism.  Her undergraduate degree is in mass communication from St. Cloud State University.  She has also received two fellowships from The Poynter Institute related to multimedia.

Worked and lived in Europe – Jannet owned and operated her own photo agency based in Sittard, the Netherlands, as a freelance photographer for Limburgs Dagblad, Herleen, the Netherlands, a daily Dutch language newspaper; had a portrait contract with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO) at Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, Germany and other Dutch language publications. Jannet established a Dutch registered photo agency called JWK Foto, and is a former member of Dutch Association of Photojournalists. Click to view Linkedin profile and recommendations. 

Tribute to Andrew, the Westie

My West Highland White Terrier Andrew was laid to rest this year, 1998 to 2013.  More loyal than many people!

Link to video at CNN of Andrew and my mother I shot with my iPhone, 2008 to 2011.

  • Video published, May 5, 2012, by Jannet Walsh, “Missing Mother,” CNN vetted video. Watch CNN video Featured in CNN Living story, May 9, 2012, “8 ideas for a memorable Mother’s Day,” CNN Living by Ashely Strickland and Jamie Gumbrecht, CNN. Read CNN Living story   View iReport

Video is featured in this CNN story and video shot with my late mother Margaret I. Walsh.

Bees Wings video featured on cover of!

CNN iReporter Jannet Walsh from Murdock, Minn., finds out what Bees Wings are by asking farmer Steve Collins from Murdock.    The red colored chaff from the corn is flying around during harvest time, called Bees Wings.  Have you heard of Bees Wings before?

CNN iReport producer Daphne Sashin added a few more details to the iReport with the help of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  View video and see the producer’s comments.

Agriculture Quiz:  Do you know what city or maybe village,  the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture hails from?

Answer:  Murdock, Minn. Read more about Murdock’s native son.

View this video at orginal source, CNN iReport.  Click on image below to to direct to video.

Bees Wings video from Murdock, Minn. featured on cover of and CNN U.S. on Sept. 26, 2012. Click on image to see video at CNN iReport.

Jannet Walsh

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