Bring me failure, success to follow

By Jannet Walsh
If I could sum up my career in one sentence, it would be the following:

“Bring me failure as success is sure to follow.”

What’s that all about? 
It seems far too many times when I’ve thought I had failure on my hands, then something wonderful happens, usually beyond what I could ever dream.

I had applied for a media job in Minnesota a few years ago, made it to the final round of interviews, but didn’t get the job. After a job interview I always call to find out why I didn’t get the job because there’s much to be learned in how the company handles this question.

What was the response? I was told I didn’t have enough “Minnesota experience” in my home state after returning home from Florida to live and care for elderly family members. My years of working in jobs from photojournalism, public relations, social media and more just didn’t make it for this job.

I was certainly disappointed about missing out on the opportunity, but knew I had to change my mind and let it go, and send out more job applications.

It was off to Seattle on a train trip, and I published a video a few days after the big rejection that appeared on the homepage of on the fish market at the famous Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle.
Click here to view video at CNN iReport videos.

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You might also enjoy my Seattle Timelapse video posted below.

Seattle Timelapse – iOgrapher from Jannet Walsh on Vimeo.

Do you have a failure to success story? Please share your story so we can all learn.

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Best wishes,

Jannet Walsh