Bees Wings video featured on cover of!

CNN iReporter Jannet Walsh from Murdock, Minn., finds out what Bees Wings are by asking farmer Steve Collins from Murdock.    The red colored chaff from the corn is flying around during harvest time, called Bees Wings.  Have you heard of Bees Wings before?

CNN iReport producer Daphne Sashin added a few more details to the iReport with the help of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.  View video and see the producer’s comments.

Agriculture Quiz:  Do you know what city or maybe village,  the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture hails from?

Answer:  Murdock, Minn. Read more about Murdock’s native son.

View this video at orginal source, CNN iReport.  Click on image below to to direct to video.

Bees Wings video from Murdock, Minn. featured on cover of and CNN U.S. on Sept. 26, 2012. Click on image to see video at CNN iReport.

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