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LGBT Civil Rights

An overview of the amazing
Ellen DeGeneres

By Marisa Krueger

Ellen DeGeneres made the topic of gay marriage a little easier to talk about with her public coming out as a lesbian.

In 1996 Ellen DeGeneres made a movie called “Mr. Wrong” which was about a girl who has the pressures of everyday life coming in on her and is forced into an unhealthy relationship with a man.

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One year later, DeGeneres decided to come out on her sitcom, she was condemned by the religious right, sponsors pulled their advertising from the show and DeGeneres ended up on the cover of Time magazine.

What was the most shocking thing to society after her public coming out?
That Ellen DeGeneres’s career did not fail, instead it took off and she was now not only the star of her own shows but also a political activist for the LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, community.

Although Ellen is one of the biggest activist for the LGBT community, she still encounters obstacles she too had to climb, which I believe makes her a better activist, such as in 2012 there was a protest against JCPenny for using Ellen DeGeneres as their spokesperson due to her sexual orientation.

Ellen is a woman who is going to do wonders for our society and the LGBT community for how well known she is and how determined she is to make a difference. Personally, I find Ellen DeGeneres one of the most amazing women in our society, not only is her show hilarious she is a very generous, kind hearted person who helps the world and I believe others should aspire to be like her.

"The Voice" is one of many sitcomes Ellen has performed during her show.