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A Journey through my College Perspective

I am Kait.
I was born and raised in St. Cloud, MN by my wonderful parents Becky and Dave. I am the middle child of 3 between my older sister Kelsey and my younger brother Cameron. After graduating high school from St. Cloud Apollo in 2011, I didnt venture very far for college. I packed up my bags, drove 15 minutes across town and moved into Sherburne Hall at St. Cloud State University. Leaving home was an easy transition for me, especially since my parents were only a short drive away.

Currently, I am finishing my undergraduate studies at St. Cloud State University and plan on graduating Spring 2017. I do not have any set plans right now but I think thats all apart of the trill of the journey.

I cant wait to share my crazy experiences and ventures that I have encountered on my college journey so far..

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Studying Mass Communications at St. Cloud State University

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