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Lightbox Individual and Image sets - Galleries

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Two Individual Images

Note: Photos are responsive and fit width of the main area, six columns, with attributes for example-image and image_responsive, see heads up display.

Lightbox - Photos for the individual image examples, meaning they do not appear as a slideshow, are from Unsplash, Creative Commons Zero.

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Photo Gallery

Saint Cloud State University winter views

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Photos by Jannet Walsh, Multimedia Toolkit, taken with an iPhone 6 on Jan. 21, 2016. Take a walking tour around campus and learn more more about Saint Cloud State University.
©2016 Jannet Walsh. All Rights Reserved.

Note: Photos are all set to a width of 250 pixels, for mobile viewing, in the property panel at bottom of Dreamweaver window, with the proportions locked, for the source image(thumbnail, not the linked image, image that's displayed.

Lawarence Hall winter view


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Jannet Walsh

Jannet Walsh - Multimediatoolkit

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