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This is a Omaha Nation baby in a traditional cradle board during a powwow in Nebraska. This photograph is part of a thesis project by Jannet Walsh at Ohio University: “A photojournalist documentation of Native American in Nebraska, 1990-94,” presented to school children at Department of Defense School AFCENT International School, in Brunssum, the Netherlands and Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, Germany, 1994 to 1997. Ohio University School of Visual Communication – Scripps College of Communication. Learn more about Ohio University. Photo by Jannet Walsh, jannetwalsh.com

Civil Rights Website Project

This website is used for teaching website design with Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud. It is part of an Introduction to Multimedia course, COMM 240 in the Department of Mass Communications at Saint Cloud State University, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, taught by Jannet Walsh, Adjunct Instructor. Learn more. . .

Learning Technology

Students select a topic to research about Civil Rights in the United States and highlight at least one leader, promoting their movement for equality. The project goes from content creation, research historic images, videos, audio and more. Students are using Adobe Dreamweaver Creative Cloud to create their own website along with a text editor, such as TextWrangler and Sublime Text. Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud is used to prepare images, creating banners, background images, logos and more their websites. Students learn how to use social media widgets, integrate YouTube videos and more into their websites.

Responsive Web Design and the Viewport

The website for this project is using a responsive website design. This means the website adjusts for each viewport - mobile phone, tablet, laptop and desktop. In simple terms, a responsive website adjusts to the web browser you are using to view this website at 100 percent. Learn more. . .

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