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Jannet Walsh’s hands-on experiences span strategic communications, journalism, multimedia and teaching. This unique skillset equips her to create effective content and educate students for a society where, with a mobile device or computer, everyone is the media. Walsh is an Assistant Professor at Saint Cloud State University teaching Multimedia and Strategic Communications courses. Learn more at Multimedia Toolkit website and Husky Agency, a public relations student agency.

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Jannet Walsh's PortfolioI'm Jannet Walsh from Murdock, Minnesota, USA.

I am a multimedia journalist, educator and communications professional.

Find me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. My website Multimedia Toolkit is used for teaching multimedia, including WordPress, web design and video.

I owned and operated a Dutch registered photo agency in the Netherlands, working with a Dutch language newspaper and had a NATO contract for portrait photography in Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base, Germany. I have worked in public relations, media relations and more. My videos have aired on CNN, CNN iReport, HLN and a guest on HLN live.  I have been interviewed by regional, national and international media on topics ranging from searching for work, the election of Pope Francis and more.

New technology blends well with my traditional background as a New York Times Company staff photographer. I have an online class at udemy.com, with students from around the world. I am an CNN iReport Awards Spirit Honoree.

Continuously learning new technology in a social media world is my domain.

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Please visit my About Page for more details about my career, including a biography, along with the Media Room.

Kayak - paddle over to Multimedia Toolkit website to learn more about Adobe After Effects with Jannet Walsh!

Adobe After Effects - Winter 2016-2017: I have created a page at my Multimedia Toolkit for learning Adobe After Effects. See the current page, with updates to come in early 2017, along with plans for video tutorials. I created a series of kayak sketches and logos in Adobe Illustrator and imported into Adobe After Effects to learn animation. Illustration by Jannet Walsh. ©2016 Jannet Walsh. All Rights Reserved.

Jannet Walsh Portrait

Jannet Walsh in rural County Kerry, near Killarney, Ireland, January 2014 - Jannet Walsh stands next to the centuries-old stone wall of Cathair Crogh Dearg, simply known as Shrone City or The City, is located near The Paps Mountains. Druidic rituals were enacted here, now the site has been Christianized. Walsh’s ancestors originated from this region of Ireland. Learn more about this ancient site at Voices from the Dawn.  See the Google Map for The City, coordinates 52.0405, -9.25596, near Rathmore, County Kerry, Ireland.

Irish Videos - Watch "Home to Knockanarroor" video about finding her lost Irish roots in rural County Kerry and "Irish Jaunting Tour."